customer  St. Maarten Harbour Holding
country  St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
location  Philipsburg
period  2006 - 2009
projectamount  approx. $ 85,000,000

St. Maarten Port Expansion Phase 2


At present the major port facilities of Philipsburg comprise a cargo quay with 270 m berthing length and a cruise jetty to accommodate four cruise vessels up to 10,5 m draught. Because of the limited berthing capacity many cruise passengers are brought on land by tender vessels. In order to improve the handling of the present cargo and passenger flows and anticipate for developments until 2015 a port master plan was developed, which includes:

  • expansion of the cargo / container terminal with berthing space and storage areas
  • building of a second jetty to expand the berthing facilities to cruise vessels
  • enlargement/deepening of the harbour basin (partly up to 12 m depth)
  • beach nourishments in Great Bay and Little Bay
  • construction of a windjammer quay for the growing number of cruise clippers
  • construction of a tank farm for fuelling of the cruise and cargo vessels
  • construction of a breakwater to protect the berth facilities and coastal zone during and extreme (hurricane) conditions

Lievense was assigned to design (including detailed design) all civil infrastructure and associated works, assess environmental impacts and mitigating/compensating measures, prepare/co-ordinate the tender for the construction contract and provide construction supervision and contract management.



  • master plan development
  • preliminary and detailed design
  • environmental impact study
  • preparation of tender documents
  • tender co-ordination and evaluation
  • construction supervision and contract management