customer  Exploitatiemaatschappij Schelde-Maas
country  The Netherlands
location  Vlissingen-Oost
period  2005 - present
projectamount   45,000,000

Scaldiaharbour Phase 2


Scaldiaharbour phase 2 is the continuation of Scaldiaharbour phase 1 consisting of a 600 m long quay, with a depth of 17.00 m below N.A.P. Phase 1 was executed in 1977 and 1998.

Preceding phase 1 the existing high water protection dike has been diverted.

Phase 2 consists of:



Car handling area inland shipping approximately 64 m with retaining height.

Quay North approximately 880 m with a retaining height of 23.50 m.

Head Quay appr. 250 m with a retaining height of 17 m.

Quay South appr. 510 m with a retaining height of 23.50 m.


Dreding and coastal works

Dredging and reclamation / removal of sediment appr. 2.400.000 m3.

Various underwater slope and bottom protections.


Quay North and Head quay are mainly intended for container transhipment by Sea-Invest/Zuidnatie. Quay South is mainly intended for cargo transhipment by Ver-brugge Terminals.



  • feasibility study
  • preliminary design
  • detailed design
  • design, specification and tendering
  • supervision during construction (ongoing)