customer  Shell
country  The Netherlands
location  Rotterdam
period  2010 - 2012
projectamount   800,000.-

Shell Crude Hub Wastewater Pipeline Europoort-Pernis


In the Shell Crude Hub Project a new waste water pipeline from Shell Europoort to Shell Pernis in the Rotterdam Harbour area is required. This 18 km pipeline is designated to transport oily waste water from crude oil tankers in Europoort to the existing biological treatment plant in Pernis. The outer diameter for the pipeline is set to 140 mm.

The trajectory of the wastewater pipeline is projected in the Rotterdam pipeline corridor. Because of the limited space available in this corridor, a ø20” decommissioned Shell pipeline will be relined as far as feasible. At sections where this decommissioned pipeline is not available, installation of new pipeline sections is inevitable. Over a limited stretch, a 4” decommissioned Shell pipeline is available. At this section, the 4” decommissioned pipeline will be replaced with the new wastewater pipeline.



  • study and advises (BDEP)
  • preliminary design
  • final design
  • specifications
  • tendering