customer  (Petro)chemical industry, utility companies, gov
country  Europe
location  Canals, rivers, estuaries
period  1970 - present
projectamount   5,000 - 20,000

Pipeline survey services


Underwater cables or pipelines with depth covers of only some meters need to be monitored frequently, depending on the morphodynamic behaviour of the underwater bottom. Morphodynamics are present in all waters which are crossed by submerged infrastructure: canals, rivers and especially estuaries. Insufficient soil cover in depth restricted waters may lead to damage to pipelines and cables by passing ships or rupture by ship anchors. Exposed pipelines are even more vulnerable to this risk and free hanging pipe/cable sections without bottom support are subject to gravity, flow and wave forces which may lead to unacceptable material stresses.


Lievense provides complete services for the periodical monitoring of submerged pipelines and cables. This includes a bottom survey, processing of the echo sounding data, comparison of 3D-bottom configurations with historical bathymetrical data and with the pipe/cable alignment and elevation. If necessary preventive or mitigating measures are proposed and discussed with the client. These may include: burial of the pipe/cable to a deeper position, cover the endangered section with rubble or apply a bituminous protection layer. If such measures are not sufficient, then replacement of a section can advised.



  • pipeline / cable route survey
  • review of bottom soundings
  • determination of depths of cover
  • analysis of morphodynamic developments and their speed
  • reporting and recommendations for the client