customer  Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation
country  Suriname
location  All districts in coastal zone
period  2009
projectamount  $ 467,000

Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Suriname


Natural mangrove belts all along the coast protect Suriname against wave attack and flooding from the sea. Large scale mud banks migrate along the coast from east to west. During the 15-20 years period in which a mud bank passes the coast and mangrove forests grow easily with some kilometres in seaward direction. In the following period of some 15 years the coast is unprotected and ocean waves attack and erode the coast. On the long term however net coastal accretion occurs. At least in absence of human interference.

Unfortunately human activities as urbanisation and land clearing for agricultural development in coastal direction threaten the natural protection system. This may finally lead to the need for costly investments in and maintenance of sea dikes. To avoid this primarily political and public awareness of the valuable protection by the natural “wild” coast is needed.

Lievense has – with support from Deltares, ACE Consultancy and local experts – therefore carried out an Integrated Coastal Zone Management project. Besides the set-up of an Awareness Plan and campaign we developed an ICZM Plan for the coastal districts and a Pilot Plan for Greater Paramaribo, to solve the most urgent issues resulting from unplanned urbanisation.



  • analysis of coastal processes
  • socio-economic analysis
  • governmental/institutional analysis
  • stakeholders consultations
  • preparation of an ICZM Plan
  • launching a Public Awareness Plan
  • preparation of a Pilot Plan for the Greater Paramaribo region